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ACA Presentation


Algerian Competences Association is an association under Algerian law, registered under ACA-N°9 approval of june 15, 2010.

ACA's mission is to facilitate the collaboration between the Algerian competences inside and outside Algeria for the development of sciences, technology and business expertise in all economic and social spheres, in order to contribute to Algeria's full development and sustained prosperity.

While collaborating with DGRSDT, various government and private institutions and universities, ACA wants to be recognize by each of its members and by their peers from the public and private sectors in Algeria and abroad, as a highly professional organization valued for its ability to provide consensus-based expert input, advice and practical solutions to the country's pressing issues. In order to turn this vision into reality, ACA strives to be a place where all Algerian competences can meet and establish the human and professional relationships that allow them to collaborate as a united, high-performance force ready to serve Algeria - its people and its economy.

ACA's current focus areas include the following :

ACA advocates at the national and international levels to promote the position of Algerian competenes in science, technology and business. The advocacy agenda will be advanced through direct contacts with Algerian academic institutions, international scientific organizations, the Algerian government and the business community in Algeria and abroad.

ACA works closely with academic institutions in Algeria and abroad, to develop, implement and promote educational short courses and professional training in science, technology and business. These courses target Algerian students as well as the scientific and business communities in Algeria. The implementation of such courses will rely on the expertise of ACA's members.

ACA's is committed to participate in major projects and specific programs organized by Algerian Universities and Institutions. Moreover ACA organizes events such as its annual conference, workshops and seminars in Algeria and abroad in order to establish a platform for the spread of applied knowledge amongst its members, Algerian students and in fact throughout the Algerian society as a whole. Those programs are structured at the human, scientific and communications levels in order to ensure that ACA continues to attract new generations of Algerian researchers and motivate them to effectively participate in Algeria-centric activities.

ACA participates, under the leadership of DGRSDT and in partnership with Algerian institutions, the scientific community and private sectors, to the development of the different scientific disciplines, as well as business and economic programs, through various fundamental projects such as the creation of novel institutions and Centers of Excellence according to the long-term strategic goals defined by the governmental directives. In this context, the ACA is called to participate in the next NRP (National Research Plans).

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