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No to interference in internal affairs of Algeria

The Association of Algerian Competences (ACA) has taken note of the recent resolution of the European Parliament on Algeria. This resolution concerns us by its form, by its content and by its timing.

Indeed, this resolution of the European Parliament is at least curious and doubtful; it raises our worries on two issues.

The first issue is related to this "solidarity" coming late, why having waited 9 months to come forward and why now precisely?

The second issue is more fundamental because it concerns the selective  and exclusive indignation of the European Parliament: it expresses its concern for what is happening in Algeria but turns a blind eye to what is happening in other countries for many years !

The Algerian people are a free, proud and very jealous people of their independence. From the beginning, the people's movement was clear in its approach and warned against any foreign interference, no matter where it came from (externally or internally). We once again express our solidarity with our people, condemning this semblance of support and false solidarity on the part of the European Parliament.

We also know where this type of interference can take place. We are still remembering when certain Bernard-Henri Lévy led called to "defend the Libyan people and democracy in Libya", we all know what has happened since.

The best way to help the Algerian people is to let them settle their problems peacefully. What is happening now in Algeria is an Algero-Algerian problem and our people have the maturity, the resources and the genius to find the appropriate solutions.

Our people have no what so ever lessons to receive from any party in the world, it has just administered a superb example to the whole world!

Members of the ACA